A High-Accuracy PIC Code for the Maxwell–Vlasov Equations

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ALaDyn (Acceleration by Laser and Dynamics of charged particles) is a PIC code firstly described in ALaDyn: A High-Accuracy PIC code for the Maxwell-Vlasov Equations by C. Benedetti et al., published on IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 36 4, 1790-1798 (2008) and then again in the update Charge preserving high order PIC schemes by P. Londrillo et al., published on Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A, 620 1, 28-35 (2010). PWFA modules have been presented in Numerical investigation of beam-driven PWFA in quasi-nonlinear regime by P. Londrillo et al., published on Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A, 740 (2014).

This newer version, in part rewritten from scratch, is released as is, without any warranty, and will be maintained here on GitHub. A new publication is currently underway to describe progresses on this new code. If you use ALaDyn, you’re kindly required to cite the Zenodo DOI of the latest release: DOI.

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Copyright on the code is by the ALaDyn Collaboration.

How to build

ALaDyn is built using CMake.

We support building ALaDyn on almost all sane systems. Here you can find a guide to build the code on many different OS configurations.
appveyor and travis recipes can also help understanding how to build the code.

How to contribute to the development

Here you can find the instructions to propose your changes to ALaDyn

Support channels

We have a Telegram channel to promote latest news: join here
We also have a group on Telegram (join here) (for quick questions and unofficial discussions), an official slack channel (for more technical discussions) and another slack channel for the italian plasma community.


latest release: DOI

Other releases:
v2.2.0 (v2018.3): DOI
v2.1.0 (v2018.2): DOI
v2.0.0 (v2018.1): DOI
v1.0.0 (v2017.1): DOI
v1.0.0-beta: DOI
v1.0.0-alpha2: DOI
v1.0.0-alpha: DOI